Work and Travel in the USA

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Work and Travel in the USA

(All Courses)

J-1 Summer Work and Travel program in the United States provides paid working holiday opportunities for participants to work during their university summer vacations as well as travel and experience daily life in the U.S. Work & travel opportunities in the USA can contribute to participants’ lifelong personal and professional growth.

  •   Start Date: March 1-15, 2016
  •   End Date: June 1-15, 2016
  •   Course Requirement: Any Course


  •   Student Status

Eligible program participants must be bona fide post-secondary school students actively pursuing a degree or a full-time course of study at an accredited educational institution (such as a university). Students must be enrolled in an accredited educational institution and registered for a full-time course load during the semester immediately preceding the summer in which they want to do the Work/Travel program.

  •   English-Language Proficiency

Prospective exchange visitors must possess sufficient proficiency in the English language to participate in the Summer Work and Travel program.

Participants will be provided with the following information who has secured employment (are pre-placed) before their departure for the United States:

  • Job offer/Employment Verification (The name, location and contact information of the employer)
  • All contractual documents related to acceptance of paid employment in the United States
  • Cultural activity information related to your employer and region
  • Participant Handbook
  • Other information which will assist exchange visitors to prepare for their stay in the United States
  • Fees payable to the sponsor
  • Insurance and Health care information
  • Emergency information
  • Participant Contact Card
  • Welcome Brochure (The purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program, Home-country physical presence requirement, etc.)
  • DS-2019 Form
  • Travel and entry into the United States
  • Other costs that the exchange visitor can expect to pay (for example, living expenses) while in the United States
  • Housing

(Students will be accompanied by a Spanish speaking group leader, prior background in Spanish Language not necessary)